A Cannabis Business Investment Group Built for Shareholders

There are great businesses that fail to deliver value to shareholders.

And then there are businesses built to deliver shareholder value.

One breakthrough new company is trying to become the “Berkshire Hathaway” of cannabis.

It owns other cannabis businesses –wholly or in part.

And does it in a way designed to deliver value to its shareholders.

Like Warren Buffett, this company believe their business has a duty to deliver returns to their shareholders. That’s why they decided to build Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF) Organic Flower is a unique holding company designed to give investors access to best in class cannabis products and brands.

Today, it feels like there are too many opportunities to invest in cannabis.

And it’s easy to see why.

In 2016 the industry was sized at just $7.06 billion. By 2025 it is projected to hit $146.4 billion

That kind of growth creates a lot of great companies to invest in.

And investors are scrambling to take advantage of the best opportunities now.

Before all that growth passes them by. Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF) is a single vehicle focused on bringing great opportunities under one roof for the investor.

The idea is to create a single place where investors can easily access high-growth cannabis companies hand-picked by some of the top industry insiders.

Organic Flower Investments Group Inc.  (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF) has already signed contracts to gather an amazing array if cannabis assets under its roof.

The company has done it by leveraging strategic relationships, exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s best cannabis cultivators and formulators to create best in class products and brands.

They’ve combined that with a planned broad global distribution footprint.

5 Reasons investors are excited about
Organic Flower Investments Group Inc.  (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF)

As you’ll see this is a company planning to build value.

The team is focused on capturing value at every stage of the cannabis supply chain.

Organic Flower Investments Group Inc.  (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF)  is focused on providing shareholder value through cultivation operations to process & formulation to product development to distribution.

And leveraging the assets and opportunities each business unit has in order to support and grow their other business units.

#1: Organic Flower has an interest in what is planned to be one of the biggest (and most efficient) cannabis grow facilities in the world today

In March 2019 Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. . (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF)  finalized its acquisition of Delta Organic Cannabis Corp.

This strategic acquisition gave Organic Flower control of Delta Organic’s sole asset – an agreement with Agraflora Organics International Inc. (CSE: AGRA).

Specifically, an equity participation and earn-in agreement.

What that means if Organic Flower now controls or directs over 44.8 MILLION common shares of Agra, or about 10.12% of the issued and outstanding shares of Agra (on a non-diluted basis). Organic Flower also has a 20% direct interest in Agra’s Delta grow facility.

This acquisition also gives Organic Flower interest in what is planned to be one of the biggest, most efficient cannabis grow facilities in the world.

#2: Organic Flower is positioning itself to be a player in the projected $1.4 billion CBD beverage market

On April 23rd, 2019 Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF) announced it signed a binding Letter of Intent to acquire 80% of Potluck Potions and Edibles Inc.

Potluck specializes in the management of beverage industry supply chains, including the bottling and manufacturing of a variety of beverages.

It boasts extensive experience manufacturing for leading beverage brands such as Heineken, SABMiller as well as the Coca-Cola Company. The Facility is strategically situated in the Greater Toronto Area (the “GTA”) affording the Company unbridled access to the largest addressable Canadian marketplace.

Organic Flower CEO Joe Dumaresq explained the move:

“Canada’s progressive regulatory environment coupled with best-in-breed management, has positioned this facility as the ideal beachhead for future global exports of cannabinoid-infused beverages. We are thrilled to be working with roster of leading global experts and look forward to formulating a portfolio of functional and adult-use beverage formulations to address a number of lifestyle verticals, including, mood and energy, relaxation, sleep and stress relief. This exclusive supply and distribution equips us with the necessary resources to produce quality products to market in an expedited fashion." 

The Facility can achieve throughput of up to 30-million bottles per year and is equipped with state-of-the-art bottling equipment.

#3: Organic Flower positioned itself to capture significant market share inside the $130 billion Skincare/Topicals market

On April 15, 2019 Organic Flower Investments Group Inc.  (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF) announced it entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire Canutra Naturals Ltd.

Canutra Naturals Ltd. is a Canadian cannabidiol (“CBD”) cosmetics/topicals manufacturing company. The company is vertically integrated – it cultivates, manufactures, and markets premium skincare, cosmetic, and cannabinoid product lines.

Think of it as a “farm-to-face” business.

Why make this acquisition now?

Organic Flower CEO & Director Joel Dumaresq stated:

 “Canutra’s robust product offering is situated at the nexus of the US$130 billion global cosmetics/skincare market, and the burgeoning North American cannabinoid market. The North American cannabis industry is forecasted to grow to US$19 billion by 2020 and Canutra is tactically positioned to capture signature market share. “ 

The timing on this acquisition is smart.

In 2020 the Canadian regulations for topical CBD products are expected to be formalized. And the Canadian market for topicals will open.

#4: Organic Flower is negotiating a host of major new deals around the world.

Organic Flower Investments Group Inc.  (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF) shares on it’s website that it is in the process of negotiating partnership opportunities.

Expanding its distribution opportunities:

  • In Europe: Via a European distribution company that has 35,000 pharmacies across 16 EU countries
  • In Canada: Vitamin producer that is distributed in several thousand locations across Canada
  • In New Markets: Like a chain of up to 30 existing boutique coffee shops that can serve as an access and education point for consumers looking to explore cannabis products

And says it is expanding its production & formulation opportunities:

  • Exclusive, revolutionary IP allowing active ingredient compounds to be produced and preserved for the infused beverage market
  • Group that has government offtake agreements in place for up to $100 million per year in total sales
  • Bottling facility in the Greater Toronto Area capable of producing 34 million bottles per year
  • Food processing facility partnered with the 4th largest candy company in Canada, with products in 11,000 stores and annual revenue up to $750 million

This focus on the bigger business opportunities is why investors get excited when they understand, Organic Flower Investments Group Inc.  (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF) strategic approach to the cannabis sector.

#5. The company has a proven team with a history of winning big in Cannabis

They’ve put together a strong leadership team of executives including:

Joel Dumaresq – Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mr. Dumaresq brings 30 years of experience in the financial sector, holding financial and investment management roles with RBC Dominion Securities. He was also a managing director of Vancouver-based private equity and merchant banking firm Matrix Partners Inc. for 12 years.

Mr. Dumaresq has extensive operational and senior management experience in the forestry, mining and energy spaces. He is presently an adviser to, and an investor in, a range of cannabis and cannabidiol-related businesses.

John Martin – Director

Mr. Martin has over 30 years of international business experience, mainly in capital markets.  He has held senior positions with Royal Bank of Canada, Citigroup and spent 10 years as head of capital markets for the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi (Switzerland). In 2002, Mr. Martin established CMI Credit Market Investments Sarl., active in distressed Eurobond advisory. In addition, he is a board member of several other companies, including TSXV listed Q Investment Ltd., a natural resource holding company and Brisen Asset Management SA, a Geneva asset management firm. Mr. Martin has a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London (1990) and an MBA from Oxford University (2006). Mr. Martin holds a BA from York University in Toronto and an MBA from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.  

Theo Van Der Linde – Director

Theo van der Linde is a Chartered Accountant with 20 years’ extensive experience in finance, reporting, regulatory requirements, public company administration, equity markets and financing of publicly traded companies. Mr. Van Der Linde has served as a CFO & Director for a number of TSX Venture Exchange and Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) listed companies over the past several years. Industry experience include financial services, manufacturing, Oil & gas, mining and retail industries. More recently, Mr. van der Linde has been involved with future use trends of natural resources as well as other disruptive technologies. Mr. Van Der Linde has worked and is currently working on projects in South Africa, West-Africa, East-Africa, Peru, United Kingdom, Sri-Lanka, the United States and Norway.

Brendan Purdy – Director

Mr. Purdy is a practicing securities lawyer focused on the resource and technology sectors. In his private practice, he has developed extensive experience with respect to public companies, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and other facets fundamental to the natural resources, technology and cannabis industries.

Prior to receiving his JD from the University of Ottawa, Mr. Purdy completed a bachelor of management and organizational studies degree from the University of Western Ontario, majoring in finance and administration. Mr. Purdy has served as a director and chief executive officer of several private and public companies.

Organic Flower Investments Group Inc. (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF is being built to deliver shareholder value from a variety of strong assets

It’s a smart model.

The company is built with the investor in mind.

And Organic Flower is already collecting significant assets throughout the cannabis supply chain.

If you invest in Cannabis, then it’s worth taking a good look at Organic Flower Investments Group Inc.  (CSE: SOW); OTC: QILFF)


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