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On January 1, 2018 Yvonne DeLaRosa Green made history, and you’ve probably never heard of her. She’s the owner of 99 High Tide Collective, a cannabis dispensary in Malibu, and was awarded the first legal cannabis business license issued in Los Angeles County. She was the lucky one who got hers first, but now the floodgates have busted wide open for others to follow her throughout the entire State of California.

There’s a wild frenzy going on all over the Golden State. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs just like Yvonne are dispensary owners, growers, manufacturers, edible makers, weed-based wonder drug producers, venture capitalists, marijuana real estate mavens, and more.

They’re all scrambling like crazy to get their own licenses in hand.

"It’s the California gold rush all over again!" said Greg Megueria, owner of Reefinery in Los Angeles.

California already has the biggest medical marijuana market in the U.S., topping an estimated $2 billion in sales a year, and that number is expected to grow 10-fold.

Research firm ICF International estimates sales revenues to go as high as $20 billion a year.With that much money on the line, millionaires – and even billionaires – will be minted overnight. Yvonne DeLaRosa Green plans to be one of them. And you should, too.

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How to Grab 15,251% Gains Within 12 Months on the Single Biggest Event in U.S. Market History

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he best part is you don’t have to grow weed, sell weed, smoke weed, or even like weed to get rich from the California green gold rush.

All you have to do is invest in the stock market. And that’s why we’re here with this exclusive Summit. We’re going to show you how to set yourself up with the right cannabis companies, so you can make a fast fortune in the California marijuana boom.

Michael Robinson, Money Morning’s Director of Venture Capital Research is a 34-year Silicon Valley veteran who has been front and center of this marijuana stock boom since the beginning.

In fact, Michael’s market-leading The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions… a comprehensive pot stock investing guide released last year… has been a runaway hit with nearly 100,000 copies claimed in just the last few months alone.

In this report, Michael personally vetted and recommended America’s most lucrative pot stocks… that helped investors make an absolute fortune with massive windfalls. This is a market that is on fire, and there is no shortage of windfall opportunities.

All told, at least 21 marijuana stocks surged over 1,000% during the last year. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Vapor Group, a seller of electronic vaporizer devices, soared 1,550 percent.

OWC Pharmaceutical, which develops marijuana-based treatments for migraines, exploded 5,305%.

And Signal Bay, a weed market research firm, spiked an incredible 7,367%.

As mentioned before, ICF’s estimate of a $20 billion weed market in California alone. Let’s put that into perspective. The movie industry in Hollywood is a $38 billion market – so this could be half as big just from the start.


And the tiny, publicly traded companies that are ramping this up are going to soar. It’s just that simple, and investors are already starting to cash in.

“Michael, you’ve given me the greatest investment I have ever made. Profit as of today, $39,593. Thank you very much!”  - Bill Reed

California is The Big Kahuna

By itself, California is the sixth largest economy in the world. It’s bigger than France’s, India’s, Italy’s, Brazil’s, even Russia’s! It’s huge. Something like $2.5 trillion.

U.S. – $18 Trillion

China – $11 Trillion

Japan – $4.4 Trillion

Germany – $3.4 trillion

United Kingdom – $2.9 trillion

California – $2.5 trillion

France – $2.4 trillion

India – $2.1 trillion

Brazil – $1.8 trillion

Canada – $1.6 trillion

Russia – $1.3 trillion

California by itself will be the largest cannabis market in the world. Not even the entire country of Canada can compare! And ever since Prop 64 passed last November legalizing cannabis for recreational use across the state, there’s been a wild frenzy to get in on this.

VC folks in California are very excited. They’re pumping tens of millions into cannabis companies. You’ve probably heard of Benchmark Capital… those are the brilliant VC guys that launched Twitter, Uber, Snapchat, and Instagram. Well, now Benchmark is “all in” on pot, too. In fact, they just poured eight million bucks into a tiny startup… called Hound Labs… that’s developed a pot detecting breathalyzer device for safe-driving.

It’s no secret in Silicon Valley that demand for legal pot will be enormous and these tiny companies are going to take off.

Prior to legalization of pot in California, several firms in the medical cannabis space have led the way, with monumental returns.

Look at GW Pharmaceuticals

They were one of the very first companies to develop cannabis-based drugs. So they were kind of like the pre-pioneers!

They’ve developed a potential blockbuster cannabis-based drug for treating epilepsy in children called Epidiolex. It’s close to getting FDA approval right now and it could be huge.

But look at their stock. Five years ago, it was only available on the OTC market for around $8. Today it’s trading on the NASDAQ and a single share costs $117.

That’s a 1,184% gain. And they don’t even have their product on the market yet!

A lot of tiny penny pot stocks are going to become huge players trading on the major exchanges, making the earliest investors the biggest fortunes.

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